How to Turn Yourself Into a Fashionista

If you aren’t happy with the clothing choices that you make, always envious of other’s style and want to make a positive fashion change for the good, we have some top tips on how you can do exactly that. Few of us were born fashionistas and those who are have not always been that way, this means that it is never too late for you to up your style game and change the way in which you dress.

Here the, are just some of the ways that you can make that fashion change which you want.

Greatest Form of Flattery

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking ideas, inspiration and looks from people that you see around you. There is little that you can do in this day and age to be unique or individual, and so fashionable people everywhere will happily borrow, and steal the odd look. Open your eyes when you are walking about, focus on what people are wearing and how they are wearing it, if you see something that you like, why not try something similar out the next time that you go shopping. A little imitation is a great way to add new looks and styles to your wardrobe.

Online Inspiration

We have the answer to looking great sitting right on our desks and in our pockets, the internet. Throughout the web there are online magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan which are great for some tips on what kind of thing you should be wearing. Magazines are not the only way to discover new fashion, you can also browse through some of the great online stores such as Lyst where you can get inspiration for new outfits, and buy them straight away.

Seek Feedback

It may sound strange to ask people what they thin about your look, but doing so can spiring the odd surprise. It should be noted that clothing is about what you think looks great and what you feel comfortable in, fashion on the other hand, is not quite the same way. If you are trying out a new look or style, or even a new item, ask trusted people what their thoughts are, and whether it ‘works’ for you. Assuming the critique is honest, you can really hone in on the fashion style which looks best on you, based on the opinion of yourself and others.

Shop… a lot!

The only true way that you will ever know if a particular color or style works on you, is by trying them on and taking a look in the mirror in a store. Another benefit of going to a store regularly is that you will also be able to see the new season wear, and find out what is in, and what isn’t.

Remember Your Age

There are few things worse than hot pants on a Granny or skinny jeans on a middle aged man and so if you want to look on point with your fashion choices, it is important to remember your age. The disparity between ages when it comes to fashion are broken up into 5 – 10 year groups and so dressing 30 when you are 40 for example, wouldn’t look as out of place as a 50 year old doing the same, a big fashion no-no.

Pay attention to what is around you, try as many new things as possible and speak to friends and family about your style, do this and you’ll be that fashionista in no time at all.

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