Is my iPhone enough to use as a cam on my travels?

As anyone who loves traveling will tell you, there is nothing better than snapping that perfect shot of a beautiful sunset, an animal in its habitat or a city street bustling with life. In fact, I have worked pretty hard on my photography skills over the years and I think that I am only now starting to get it. I am often frustrated by the fact that a camera can pick things up quite like my eye can see them but I am slowly coming to realize that it is more the fact that I am not a great photographer, rather than the camera being at fault.

One thing that has bugged me in the past, as someone who tries to keep his baggage weight down, is carrying a camera when I have a camera on my phone. In the past the iPhone could never match a real camera but Apple have upped their game and the camera now, especially on the iPhone 7 Plus, is exceptional. If then, you are hitting the road, can you afford to leave your camera at home and just use your iPhone.

Plus or Nothing

In truth, and despite the advancements which can be found in the iPhone 7, it is the Plus version of this phone that you need. If you don’t have an iPhone Plus then I would say that any older model of the iPhone is not going to be able to take the shots that you want to and no amount of filters can fix it.


A key area to consider when you are looking at taking a DSLR camera versus taking your iPhone, is battery usage. When it comes to a camera, you will only be using this to take photos and the battery will last far longer than an iPhone in any case, the phone on the other hand will be being used for much more. Now, this may not be too much of a problem if you are staying in the same place and you have access to electricity, if you don’t however, the iPhone may let you down when it comes to the battery.

Photo Quality

You can absolutely take wonderful shots with your iPhone but they will never, ever match up to the quality of taking a good DSLR camera with you on your travels. Now, if you are taking photos for your personal collection or to show your friends back home, there is nothing wrong with using your iPhone and it will do the job well. If however you are putting photos on your blog or even trying to sell them to publications, a DSLR camera is the best way to do so.


In conclusion, the answer as to whether an iPhone is sufficient to use as a camera on your travels, is yes, assuming it is the 7 Plus. If however, you are planning on taking some serious shots and you aren’t worried about taking up extra space or carrying an extra piece expensive kit, I would suggest that you stick to a good DSLR camera.

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