The best base in the Americas for Digital nomads

I absolutely love being a digital nomad and over the years I have really learned to appreciate the idea of having a base that I would keep coming back to. I have tried, over the years, to find a base in each continent which would serve as a cool place to live, and a great jumping off point for traveling. When it came to the Americas, it took my a while to find a spot that was just right, I love going to the US and Canada and I don’t think I’ll ever feel as though I’ve explored enough up there, but at the same time, Latin America has my heart and I wanted to be close.

My final choice then was Mexico City, pretty much in the middle of the Americas and one of the coolest cities that I have visited in this continent. If you are looking for a digital nomad home base, here is why Mexico City makes for the perfect spot.


First of all it is worth noting that Mexico is absolutely huge and Mexico City is the perfect base point to discover the country itself. In terms of visiting the United States, Mexico is a great place to start from and flights are super cheap to get to the southern states like Texas, Florida and Louisiana. When it comes to heading south, you can easily overland from Mexico through Cancun and hit Central America, or you could pick up some of the well priced flights to the likes of Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela. Any further south than Peru and the costs do start to rise but with a continent this size, it is inevitable that this happens at some point.


The city is perfect for a digital nomad and it actually makes me think that currently the city is a bit like how I imagine Berlin to have been in the late 80s, filled with creative types and a real cool ‘scene’ existing here. The city loves its culture and heritage but it is not afraid to embrace new ideas and new ways of life. Most importantly for us digital nomads, Mexico City is super cheap and in fact it is considered to be one of the cheapest places to live in the world. Super cheap, super accessible and a really beautiful place.

Food Choices

Ever since I have been a digital nomad, perhaps because of the additional time on my hands, I have really focussed more on what I eat. This city then is the perfect place for me as there is a massive range of food choices to enjoy. Local cuisine blows me mind, there is plenty of good quality international cuisine too and there are also a huge range of options for vegans and vegetarians as well, more than can be said for many other Latin American countries.

If you are looking to base yourself somewhere in the Americas so that you can hop scotch across the continent, look no further than the capital of Mexico, Mexico City.

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