Why I love Vietnam

Why I Love Vietnam

I have traveled pretty extensive through Southeast Asia since I hit the road all of those years ago and whenever people ask me which is my favorite country, it comes down to a straight shoot out between Vietnam and Thailand. Most people would say that Thailand is their favorite country but I really do have a great deal of love for Vietnam. In fact, I have often felt that in spite of its clear popularity, not enough people really explore the depths of this beautiful country.

I wanted to share with you then, exactly why I love Vietnam and if you haven’t been yet, hopefully this will inspire you to go.

Street Food

No matter where you go in Vietnam, you can find some delicious, and super cheap street food. I always find it amazing that there are people in New York and London paying incredibly high prices for some of the food which the Vietnamese have right on their doorstep, that they can buy for around a dollar. Fresh soups, bun cha and tasty meat dishes, cheap and highly accessible.

Mekong Delta

The Mekong river is absolutely huge and most of it can be found in Vietnam, the Mekong Delta region is absolutely fascinating and it is here that the river meets the sea. What I love about this region are the mall villages around it and the way of life which has been created as a result of the river’s presence.


Many people aren’t aware of the vast cave network which you can find in Vietnam and in particular the impressive Son Doong Cave, the largest in the world which was only discovered in 2009. Trips into the cave are very controlled and pretty pricy but if you are able to stretch your budget, you can discover one of the most incredible deals of nature that you’ve ever set your eyes upon.

Fresh Seafood

I absolutely adore seafood and I don’t think I’ve ever bought it as fresh as I have from the markets in Vietnam. Crabs, prawns, swordfish, snappers and tilapia, you can find it all in the Vietnamese markets and it doesn’t get much fresher.

Halong Bay

The UNESCO World Heritage sight of Halong Bay is a sight that I will never ever get sick of seeing and I have been there at least 5 times since I have been traveling. This place is simply spectacular and even though it gets crazy busy with tourists, it is worth fighting your way through them to witness the true beauty of Vietnam.


I really feel like the beaches in Vietnam are grossly underrated and people always seem to mention Cambodia and Thailand before they consider what Vietnam has on offer. The best beaches are the lesser known and ‘stashed away; beaches such as Doc Let, Con Dao and Phu Quoc, amazing beaches with almost nobody there. I should probably be thankful that these beaches are not better known as it means that we can have them all to ourselves!

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